Wooden Noodle Board Stove Covers with Built-in Handles

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  • UNLOCK YOUR KITCHEN'S POTENTIAL - Our wooden noodle board stove cover is the ultimate kitchen hack! It creates extra counter space for your cooking essentials, so you can prepare meals with ease.
  • ADD UP AESTHETIC - Give your kitchen a charming rustic touch with our stove cover. Perfect for hiding burners and creating a cozy ambiance, you'll love the farmhouse feel it brings to your home.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Our stove covers are crafted with premium quality pine wood, ensuring durability and longevity. With a size of 29.5"" x 22"", it fits mostly on every stove so measure up your stove to fit it perfectly. Experience the ultimate kitchen hack with our wooden noodle board stove cover, which creates extra counter space for your cooking essentials, and doubles as a charming rustic touch to your home.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY - Our stove cover is not just a protector - it's a versatile serving tray too! Use it to transport food and drinks from the kitchen to your dining area with ease. Additionally, it can also add counter space to your kitchen when not being used as a serving tray, providing you with extra room to prepare meals or place small kitchen appliances.
  • PROTECT YOUR STOVE WITH STYLE AND EASE - Shield your stove from scratches and damage caused by pots and pans with our practical and stylish stove cover while also keeping it clean. Say goodbye to the stress of costly repairs and preserve your stove's pristine appearance effortlessly.


noodle board with built in handles

Relodecor's noodle board stove covers are more than just a kitchen accessory. They are a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Experience the difference today with Relodecor, the home of the most popular noodle board stove covers.

decorative tray

Our stove covers are designed to create extra counter space for your cooking essentials, making meal preparation a breeze. They are not just protectors, but also versatile serving trays, perfect for transporting food and drinks from the kitchen to your dining area.

noodle board features

If you're short on counter space in your kitchen, consider investing in a noodle board stove cover made with extra thick pine wood, Plus you can transform it into a tray with a spacious 29.5 inches wide x 22 inches of surface area, providing even more workspace and versatility in your kitchen.Create Counterspacefarmhouse aestheticdurable pinewoodDual Purpose

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