Gift Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer

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  • GET ORGANIZED WITH EASE - Our ultimate gift wrap storage solution is the perfect answer to your messy wrapping paper and accessory woes. With a durable construction and space-saving design, our wall-mounted rack holds up to 22 rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and art supplies, while keeping everything neat and tidy in one place.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE - Our versatile storage design features 22 dowels for your paper, vinyl, and ribbons, as well as pockets and compartments for your wrapping accessories. It can also store wire spools, cellophane rolls, and fabric, making it an all-in-one storage solution for any room.
  • QUICK AND HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION - Our hanging organizer is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware, so you can set it up in minutes and get organized right away. No need to hire a handyman!
  • PROTECT YOUR SUPPLIES - Our gift wrap organizer keeps your supplies free from dust, damage, and creases. With a ribbon rack holder and wire spool storage, your art supplies and ribbons stay wrinkle-free and easy to access.
  • ENJOY A CLEAN AND TIDY SPACE - Say goodbye to cluttered rooms and messy wrapping supplies. With our wall-mounted gift wrap holder, you can keep everything in one tidy place and enjoy a clean and clutter-free workspace. Perfect for any home or office!

gift wrapping paper organizer


Say goodbye to the frustration of messy gift wrapping supplies with our ultimate gift wrap storage solution! With enough capacity to hold up to 22 rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and art supplies, our wall-mounted rack is the perfect way to maximize your space while keeping everything in one place. And with easy installation and a durable construction that protects your supplies from dust and damage, you can finally enjoy a clean and clutter-free workspace!

durable and lightweight

high quality

easy wall mount


Wrap up your gift wrapping chaos with our lightweight yet durable storage solution. Keep your paper, ribbons, and gift wrapping accessories organized and ready to use with ease. It's the perfect addition to any gift wrapping station.


Our gift wrap storage is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and protection from dust and damage. Keep your supplies organized and secure for years to come.


Not only durable but also easy to install, saving you precious floor space and keeping your workspace organized. Simply install it in minutes and enjoy a clutter-free environment for all your wrapping needs.

built to last


You can finally say goodbye to messy wrapping paper rolls and disorganized wrapping supplies for our gift warp storage is built to last. Keeping everything in one tidy place and enjoy a clean and clutter-free workspace.

space saver


With its high storage capacity and space-saving design, our wall-mounted gift wrap storage organizer is the perfect solution for any busy holiday season or occasion. You can keep up to 22 rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and art supplies in one place, without intruding on your workspace.

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